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Our Affiliate Program for webmasters, merchants and freelance sales reps looking for passive income

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the term used to describe the strategy in which a relationship between a merchant (Ourselves) and an Affiliate ( website publisher or sales rep) is formed. Through this relationship, a merchant pays commissions to Affiliates for referring sales, leads, subscribers or other desired results.

Simply Put: You sell on our behalf what we want to sell and you are paid a 66% commission.

Become an Affiliate and Make Money !

Join Affiliate Program and promote promote our dynamic product thats costs less than R 1 a day - It's an easy sure way to add e-commerce to your portfolio and start generating revenue.

A few convincing reasons why you should consider becoming an Affiliate -

  1. You can turn your spare time into a revenue generating machine.
  2. You can begin to experiment with e-commerce with very low risk involved.
  3. You can begin immediately - join today and we will have you trading in no time at all.
  4. There is no joining fee or cost to participate in the program.

Please Read our Affiliate Program Policy

Sign Up Now and Start Earning


Affiliate Administration Panel

When you become our Affiliate , you'll be assigned a unique Affiliate ID and access
to your own Administration Panel where you can check reports on referrals and their status.


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